Who I am

Kathleen Anguera started her career as a commercial photographic stylist. She then started a casting and production service company in Richmond, Virginia. After selling the company she moved abroad. She has lived in Spain, England, México, Perú and Portugal. While outside the US, she studied interiors in England and worked as a decorating consultant specializing in helping the ex-pat community. She and her family moved to Baltimore in June, 2015. Being from the Cleveland area, she feels an affinity toward Baltimore, especially their football team!  Kathleen is thrilled to be in such a vibrant community like Hampden.

What we offer

If you are interested in having a second opinion or are in need of a full service interior decorator, Kathleen can help you. She will come for a consultation and explain how she can help. From there, she will write an action plan and put that into motion.


Do you have all the furniture but still aren’t happy with the outcome? Kathleen will come and spend 4-6 hours helping you arrange and possibly add a few key elements. She works hand in hand with you to create a more cohesive, fluid, and functional space.


If you are downsizing into a smaller place, Kathleen can help you choose what to bring and how to decorate the new place! She can help you get rid of the unwanted pieces and keep it all from being too overwhelming. 


Are you trying to sell your house? Kathleen can create a warm and inviting interior using much of your own things. She uses sales demographics as her cue to create a positively marketable home. 

Previous Work

Before and Afters


Urban Interiors
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