Urban Interiors is a vintage furniture store featuring unique and original furniture and decor in Baltimore, Maryland. We’ve been open since 2017 and while the store is a little off the beaten path, it’s easy to find and, we believe, worth crossing Falls Road for! We offer a variety of vintage furniture, vintage decor, and can obtain new furniture at a discount. Our goal is to have an evolving array of interesting, original, and functional pieces at reasonable prices to help you customize your home.

Location & Hours

1200 W. 36th St. Baltimore, MD 21218
Find us on the avenue right across Falls Road!

Saturdays and Sundays from 12:00-4:00pm
But we also open by appointment!
To make on call us at: (434) 907-3168

We Offer Decorating Services!

Before and After. My client wanted a warm, cozy, elegant bedroom but was having a hard time getting there. With a little convincing, she stepped outside her comfort zone and went with a dark grey wall and a metallic gold ceiling. The gold reflects the afternoon sun and gives the whole room a beautiful warm glow. We designed valances that are modern. They are flat and add color and texture but don’t block light or weigh the room down.

If you need help to re-design or style a room, give us a call!

Baltimore Magazine

“Kathleen Anguera has a knack for arranging furnishings to make a space feel like home. It’s a skill she perfected after living in five countries around the world and studying interior design in England, and one that she continues to perfect as owner of Urban Interiors. Anguera landed in Baltimore in 2015, opening her antique shop just off The Avenue in Hampden about a year later. Filled with mid-century pieces (from an arc floor lamp to a matching rattan couch, chair, and ottoman), the brick-walled shop offers statement pieces at affordable prices. If you’re not sure what your space needs, Anguera is happy to lend a hand rearranging the furniture you already have and adding new elements for a total refresh. 1200 W. 36th St., 434-907- 3168”

We’re on Instagram @ urbaninteriorsbaltimore !

Urban Interiors
1200 W. 36th St. Baltimore, MD 21218
(434) 907-3168